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Baton Rouge R14CE-Black

Well this is my review of the Baton Rouge R14CE-BK (Black) Guitar that my girlfriend gave it to me as a birthday present. I wanted to learn guitar so I brought one with around 20€ (with shipping and case included in price) and she just would not let me learn guitar with "such a thing" πŸ™‚

So for the ones that did not heard before about Baton Rouge, it's a German brand of guitars (relatively new, only 10 years), I leave a quote from their website:

In november 1999 the first Baton Rouge BR30 guitars appeared on a market that already offered a large choice in acoustic guitars. So why would the market need another brand? What would make Baton Rouge different to the rest (even though it looked like a ...)?

The answer to these questions is simple. It was always the intention to provide a quality guitar with a fabulous sound for the best possible price. The guitar was developed by people with many years of experience, not only in guitar building but in wholesale, retail and guitar tuition. These many factors all contribute in the design and manufacture of an excellent but inexpensive instrument.

Production in China made this venture possible. The Baton Rouge team travelled to the Middle Kingdom to search for the best equipped factory for development to take place. They finally elected a utility that matched the working environment and practices that could equal western expectations. This included a progressive production line which met all demands of modern standards, a factory canteen where all the employees receive breakfast, lunch and dinner. The production takes place in a fully air-conditioned and bright working enviroment and there is even a basket ball field for relaxation during the breaks.

Ok so now let's see what we actually got here:

Baton Rouge R14CE-Black is an Acoustic-Electric guitar (you can find it in stores on the Internet and it sells at around 300€)

  • Body Shape: Grand Auditorium with cutaway
  • Top: spruce, solid
  • Sides: mahogany
  • Back: mahogany
  • Neck: mahogany
  • Fingerboard: rosewood
  • Bridge: rosewood
  • Electronic: Shadow/ BR Pro Tuner Nanoflex
  • Frets: 20
  • Scale length (in mm): 646
  • Nut width (in mm): 44
  • Finish: semi gloss

So that's about it from a specification point of view, but as we are talking about a musical instrument, we can't just stop here. Questions soon rises, likeΒ  how does it feel, how does it sound?

Unfortunately I do not have other known brand of guitar so that I could make a direct comparison (apart from the 20€ one which came out of the box with the bridge a little separated from the body already), but I can say that it feels really good playing it and the sound it produces is very nice. The guitar also feels solid and well made and finished.

With time I will post some sound samples, until then I really need to learn playing it, as I said I'm still a novice with guitars. Now I leave you with some more photos I took to show some of it's details:

Baton Rouge Electro Acoustic Guitar (Front) Baton Rouge Electro Acoustic Guitar (Side) Baton Rouge Electro Acoustic Guitar (Strings) Baton Rouge Electro Acoustic Guitar (Headstock)
Baton Rouge Electro Acoustic Guitar (Shadow Tuner Nanoflex) Baton Rouge Electro Acoustic Guitar (Bridge) Baton Rouge Electro Acoustic Guitar (R14CE-Black) Baton Rouge Electro Acoustic Guitar (Up)

And that's about it, my first review, thank you for reading.

For any question/suggestion about this post you can use the comment box below.

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  1. Great job, guitar tunes and melody are indeed always nice listening to. Maybe one day we compose a song together, who knows, you’re my brother πŸ˜€ I compose the rest and you the guitar tune, we put them together, great job πŸ˜›
    i hope you learn everything,

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