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Ubuntu 10.10 unlock default keyring

It seems that many (including me) have problems with the annoying keyring that shows up every time I do a login. To solve the issue I just had to go to System->Preferences->Password and EncriptionKeys and in there you can found 2 keyrings: a default one and a login one which is unlocked at login time. What you have to do is delete the default keyring (Warning you will loose all passwords entered before in applications, like wifi, chat, etc.) which still appears in the list after that... a bug maybe. The select the login keyring and make it default (right click menu).
Now enter all passwords again as needed in applications and I hope everything goes back to normal.

Good Luck!

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  1. I tried the method you suggested. I saved the passwords, I thought, but they were encrypted and so I could not put them back into the system. Now I cannot get into Evolution mail, because it asks for a password for my wife’s account. When I put that in, then it asks for the Login Keyring password. I thought that that would be my regular password, but it does not accept that. So I am in a vicious circle. HELP!

  2. I think if you right click on the Default Keyring and change its password to just blank, it lets you store your passwords unencrypted and stops bothering you.

  3. Its work for me thanks u dude……..

  4. thanQ it’s works for me

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